Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Dance of the Ages

3 Dances For Seniors

All movement is good and the more of it, the better. This is one of the major rules of life; once movement ceases, death ensues. The elderly should certainly dance. Whether you're in a nursing home or at home, turn up the volume so everyone can hear and start the groovin' move. The truth is if you don't use it, you will lose it. The good news is that it's always possible to get muscle tone back, simply by using it.

Bending, moving, reaching, and walking all have something in common – muscles contracting and relaxing. Yoga movements are a form of slow motion dancing. Also, yoga is a good way to get started with dancing. A person doesn't even have to stand up. Dancing can be done very effectively from a chair. Swimming translates well to dancing too.

The Twist

1. Start with the twist because that is closest to the middle of the body. This is not some wild Chubby Checker high rate of speed dancing. You can do this from a chair and should practice your moves in a sitting position. Turn to the side, try to look back over the shoulder. Do it gently. If there is no explosion into pain, repeat the movement a few times. Ideally, both sides of the body should get an equal amount of stretching. At first, there is likely to be stiffness. Repeat this every day.

Music adds to the ambiance of exercising. It is more civilized to work out with music. The psychological effects add tremendous power to a simple activity.

The Hokey Pokey

2. The Hokey Pokey is a classic for many reasons. Clear direction is involved, making it an ideal teaching dance. An example is - Put your right foot in. Shake it all about. This dance is not difficult to learn and Hokey Pokey music is fun. Instructions can be modified to suit the individual or group. Chair dancing is possible.

A playful attitude can be imperative to good health. That means enjoyment and lack of stiff formalities. A person cannot sway properly with a stick rigidly poked along the backbone. Relaxation is necessary to have fun, enjoy music, and move to the beat.

Line Dancing

3. Although line dancing might seem impossible from a wheelchair, there is always a way. Motorized chair or not, footsie type stretching and swaying are easily achieved. The beat can be done simply with only a thumb. And while balance might seem challenging, it is not an impossibility. This is a great way to experiment with dance.

Dancing is nearly a perfect form of exercise. The human body and brain function far better when it is put to use. There is an innate need in people to move, to play, and even to dance.

Gentle Dancing For Seniors

Advanced Chair Dancing For Seniors

Monday, 20 July 2015

Dance Classes For The Holistic Development Of A Child

Want to tap your legs like professional dancers do? Enroll in a formal dance training academy. There is no age limit to learn dance though the younger, the better as it helps to develop cognitive skills. Dance class is not just about learning dance steps it is about body postures, muscle control, synchronization, rhythm, and techniques. Over a period of time, the body gains immense self control due to intense training. All this complements a child’s growth. Professional dance courses can give immense confidence to the child. Mastering a difficult step or technique can give them immense self-reliance that they can achieve any challenges with ease. Dance can help enhance self esteem in a child. Moreover, it can make a child bold enough to face the audience and showcase their skills. Stage fear can be eliminated through dance training.

Instead of turning into couch potatoes children can turn fitter and stronger with dance classes. Bid goodbye to television, computer games, play station games and move on to a healthy and fitter recreation like dance to keep your kids healthy. A dance class can promote team spirit as the group works as a team for stage performances. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to think independently and feel proud of their achievements. Children learn to respect their trainers and develop a healthy mindset. A dance class can help a child excel in various walks of life. The environment churns out happy individuals. A child grows in a happy and healthy atmosphere.

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Understanding Flamenco Dance Form

Flamenco dancing is not known till the 18th century. This dance was popular among the Andalusia gypsies of Spain. The dance form was inspired by diverse cultures of Byzantine, Moorish, and Sephardic. The dance form is supported outside Cuba, and the contribution to the styles comes from Jewish and Moorish cultures. Flamenco dance flourished between 1869 and 1910. Flamenco dance was showcased in cafes, and people had to pay to watch the performance. Literature has it that Cadiz performed flamenco dance with percussion instrument called castanet. This was recorded in the writing of Pliny and Strabo. Earlier the dance was performed to restricted audience, but later it was expanded to a larger group. Flamenco festival happens every summer where people showcase their expertise.

Black and red color costume is common while performing this dance. White and navy blue are also used by certain groups of dancers. The dancers also wear high heel shoes during the performance. Men wear tight fitted tuxedos and stretch pants. The flamenco dance comes in three different types that include guitarra, baile, and cante. The last two are more or less similar in movements. There is no music accompanied with the dance and people sing and clap spontaneously called ‘toque de palmas’. During the modern days, musical instruments accompany the dance form. Moreover, the dance steps vary depending on the mood of the dancers. The dancers also kick their feet to express their emotions and at times it can go beyond control and despite this there is no doubt that the dance is performed with utmost poise and accuracy.

Flamenco dancers do not require any form of training and can be passed down to generations. Though, flamenco dance schools were started in 1800 to popularize this dance form. It is an emotional form of dance that is a complete entertainer. These dancers are well adept at expressing their emotions not just by body movements but facial expressions as well. There is no rule book for flamenco dance and the movements are based on the music played or left to the emotions of the dancer. What makes flamenco dance complex is the intricate steps and the nonverbal means of communication with the musician.

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Samba Dance Workouts Can Bring Joy To The Body And Mind

Samba dance workouts can be really fun especially when your body is tuned to the music. Exercise can be untiring with samba dance workouts. The routine of doing repetitive exercises can become a pleasure with the music and some interesting leg shakes. The high energy beats motivate a person to workout. Choosing the right music that is associated with the steps can give you the energy to perform the workouts satisfactorily. Sometimes the music is associated with heavy beats that give more energy for workouts. Samba is high energy music comprising of drums and whistles and is African. It is played during carnival dance and is made up of non-stop beats and can make you sweat profusely.

The energy that is associated with this dance form makes it enjoyable and an experience worth the effort. Samba dance workout flexes your muscles offering a well toned body. The workout along with the music releases endorphins that can exhilarate the mood. This ultimate happiness is what Theresa Stevens names Body Joy. This is more a concept exercise than a complete dance form. It can bring your body, soul and mind into a single line. Body Joy program helps to enjoy your body moves and at the same time makes you aware of the sensation the movements create. The best part of Body Joy program is that it can be practiced at home enjoying your mirror image. There is a sequence of steps to be followed and each step is based on physical exercise.

Body Joy is more tuning your brain to perform sequential steps. Samba dance workout can give exercise to your brain in terms of learning and memorizing the steps to achieve perfection. This is not just a workout trick, and it has more to it. These steps can become a craze at weddings and parties. Just shake your legs with these impressive workouts and stand out in the crowd. Learning Samba dance workouts now has more to it than just physical exercise. It can take you to the highest level of excitement with its muscle flexing steps and exhilarating drum beats.