Friday, 19 September 2014

Tips To Choosing A Dance Studio

Dance studios are dime a dozen as there are no government regulations. A good dance school is recognized by its teachers. The qualification and experience of teachers are important to gain the best of techniques and turn professional dancers. University accreditations are also available for dance. There are successful performers that turn trainers. Always a professionally trained and certified dance teacher can provide the right guidance for your child. There are some studios that hire teenagers to take the class who are either former students or those that are learning dance from other studios. Avoid such classes as they cannot provide complete guidance for your child. Find out who will teach your child. Verifying their credentials is the best way to know that you are in safe hands. 

The dance studio is all about space. There is a lot of moving and jumping to be done, and hence high raised ceiling with mirrors around is the ideal option for any dance studio. Moreover, the floor has to be made of wood or vinyl that is several inches above the concrete. Having a wooden floor just above the concrete will be hard and can lead to injury during a fall. A dance studio should be able to provide at least 60 square feet of space per student. Dance is all about competitions; a studio that is able to enroll their students in various competitions can prepare them to excel in their trade. Ensure the number of students in the class is less than 20. This can offer individual attention to the child. A good dance studio will encourage uniform for their students that consists of tights or leotard.