Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Dance of the Ages

3 Dances For Seniors

All movement is good and the more of it, the better. This is one of the major rules of life; once movement ceases, death ensues. The elderly should certainly dance. Whether you're in a nursing home or at home, turn up the volume so everyone can hear and start the groovin' move. The truth is if you don't use it, you will lose it. The good news is that it's always possible to get muscle tone back, simply by using it.

Bending, moving, reaching, and walking all have something in common – muscles contracting and relaxing. Yoga movements are a form of slow motion dancing. Also, yoga is a good way to get started with dancing. A person doesn't even have to stand up. Dancing can be done very effectively from a chair. Swimming translates well to dancing too.

The Twist

1. Start with the twist because that is closest to the middle of the body. This is not some wild Chubby Checker high rate of speed dancing. You can do this from a chair and should practice your moves in a sitting position. Turn to the side, try to look back over the shoulder. Do it gently. If there is no explosion into pain, repeat the movement a few times. Ideally, both sides of the body should get an equal amount of stretching. At first, there is likely to be stiffness. Repeat this every day.

Music adds to the ambiance of exercising. It is more civilized to work out with music. The psychological effects add tremendous power to a simple activity.

The Hokey Pokey

2. The Hokey Pokey is a classic for many reasons. Clear direction is involved, making it an ideal teaching dance. An example is - Put your right foot in. Shake it all about. This dance is not difficult to learn and Hokey Pokey music is fun. Instructions can be modified to suit the individual or group. Chair dancing is possible.

A playful attitude can be imperative to good health. That means enjoyment and lack of stiff formalities. A person cannot sway properly with a stick rigidly poked along the backbone. Relaxation is necessary to have fun, enjoy music, and move to the beat.

Line Dancing

3. Although line dancing might seem impossible from a wheelchair, there is always a way. Motorized chair or not, footsie type stretching and swaying are easily achieved. The beat can be done simply with only a thumb. And while balance might seem challenging, it is not an impossibility. This is a great way to experiment with dance.

Dancing is nearly a perfect form of exercise. The human body and brain function far better when it is put to use. There is an innate need in people to move, to play, and even to dance.

Gentle Dancing For Seniors

Advanced Chair Dancing For Seniors